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Register to Linkfire A/S corporate communication after the delisting of its shares at Nasdaq First North Growth Market

On 18 January, Linkfire A/S (the Company) will have its last trading day on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. In due course, the Company will present a shareholders agreement to all shareholders. This agreement aims to provide clarity and transparency regarding the Company's capital structure and governance.

To ensure shareholders stay informed about the shareholder agreement, as well as receive quarterly financial reports, news about trading windows, and corporate updates from the Company, we kindly ask all shareholders to sign up for our shareholder communication here. Signing up will serve as a valuable resource to keep shareholders updated on important developments within the Company. If you do not sign up, we can only ensure you receive invitations to general meetings and similar legal invitations through your bank.

Signing up before 1 February 2024 is mandatory to continue receiving corporate communication from the Company. The company will publish the shareholder agreement via the signed-up mailing list.

Starting 1 February, access to quarterly financial reports, news about trading windows, and press releases on will only be possible with a login. Shareholders who opt into the shareholder's agreement will get access to

Jeppe Faurfelt, CEO
Telephone: +45 28 73 74 01

Linkfire’s Certified Adviser
Aktieinvest FK AB
Telephone: +46 739 49 62 50