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Linkfire is a Danish public limited liability company (Dan. Aktieselskab). Linkfire’s corporate governance is governed by the Danish Companies Act, other applicable laws and regulations, the company’s articles of association and internal policy documents. As a listed company on First North Premier, Linkfire’s corporate governance is also governed by the Nasdaq First North Growth Market rulebook and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”). The main corporate laws and rules on governance relevant for shareholders in a Danish public limited liability company that is listed on First North Premier, and complying with the Code, are to a large extent materially similar to the corresponding Swedish rules that apply for a Swedish public limited liability company under the same circumstances.

According to the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, a corporate governance report must be available on the website. Any deviations from the Code will be reported in Linkfire’s corporate governance report, which will be prepared for the first time in connection with the annual report for the financial year 2021. Linkfire does not expect to report any deviations from the Code, but it should be noted that Linkfire’s articles of association state that general meetings shall be held in English and that the chair of the general meeting is appointed by the board of directors. However, Linkfire does not consider this to deviate from the requirements of the Code.