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At Linkfire, we believe that progressive companies operate in the interest of all their stakeholders and have an increasingly important role to play in society. We believe that operating in a responsible way enables us to add value to society and to the communities that we operate in.

Stakeholder engagement

Linkfire’s ambition is to develop and formalize its stakeholder engagement during 2022. The aim of this formalization is to ensure that Linkfire has a good understanding of the expectations of parties that have an interest in the company, and that can either affect or be affected by its business operations.

Materiality analysis and sustainability strategy

The UN Global Compact (UNGC) will constitute the overall framework for our forthcoming sustainability strategy and the related reporting. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are aimed at eradicating extreme poverty, reducing inequalities and injustices in the world, promoting peace and justice and addressing the climate crisis.

Linkfire will conduct a materiality analysis during 2022 as the basis of its sustainability strategy. The analysis will initially consider all UN SDGs, and the sustainability strategy will then focus on those SDG’s that are the most relevant for Linkfire’s business and the company’s ability to create real, measurable impact.

The materiality analysis is done in order to identify those environmental, social and governmental topics that are relevant for and have a high impact on Linkfire’s business and that are relevant for our internal and external stakeholders.

Our People

We have our roots and heart in music, and there’s no template for the perfect piece of music or a Linkfire employee. In fact, we see differences as an advantage. We work with a culture that values voicing your opinion and owning your field of expertise. We hire the most talented people out there, and embrace the diverse way of thinking, backgrounds and experiences they bring.

We collaborate across projects and time zones, because we believe that smart ideas get smarter when we’re together. And as we continue to grow, we’re dedicated to keeping the same entrepreneurial approach we’ve had since day one.

Linkfire is dedicated to provide an enjoyable, respectful and safe work environment for everyone, both in the office environment as well as in remote and online collaborations. Linkfire expects partners and suppliers to commit to the same ethical standard and comply with all requirements set forth in the company’s Code of Conduct. 

For our open positions and more about working at Linkfire, visit our Careers page