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Nomination Committee

According to the Code, Linkfire shall have a nomination committee, the duties of which shall include the preparation and drafting of proposals regarding the election of members of the board of directors, the chair of the board of directors, the chair of the general meeting and auditors. In addition, the nomination committee shall propose fees for the board members and the auditor. At the extraordinary general meeting held on 28 May 2021, it was resolved to adopt instructions and rules of procedure for the nomination committee according to which the nomination committee shall consist of four members representing the three largest shareholders per the end of September, together with the chair of the board of directors. The names of the members of the nomination committee must be published by the company no later than six months prior to the annual general meeting. The nomination committee’s proposals are to be presented in the notice of the shareholders’ meeting where the elections of board members or auditors are to be held as well as on Linkfire’s website.