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This section provides answers the most common questions we receive.


A: Linkfire makes entertainment marketing easy. We optimize impact, drive streams, increase ticket sales and recommend audio content to billions of fans and listeners on a global scale.

We were founded in 2014 as a response to the increasingly complex nature of digital music marketing. Since we started, we’ve become a trusted partner to the music industry’s biggest names, as well as thousands of soon-to-be biggest names.

Our SaaS marketing platform transformed music marketing and we are now building a global recommendation network for audio entertainment discovery to connect even more fans and listeners to the content they love.

Linkfire’s customers and partners include most artists on Billboard’s annual Hot 100, all major music labels, global audio and music streaming services, social media apps and media publishers.

We help fans both find and enjoy music and entertainment, no matter where they live or which streaming service they prefer.

We enable the marketing of, for example, music, merchandise, concert tickets and livestreams on a global scale.

This can be done directly all over the world and in marketing channels such as social media, emails, digital ads and other marketing formats. We empower everyone from major labels to independent artists with unparalleled audience insights.

A: Our journey started with music and the global music industry is also currently the primary market that we operate in. The global music industry consists of recorded, publishing and live music and is expected to grow with a total CAGR of 6 per cent to USD 152 million in 2030.

Our future total addressable market is above USD 400 billion. It includes VOD (video-on-demand), podcasts, audiobooks and gaming.

A:  We have several revenue streams from different parts of the music and entertainment ecosystem.

For example, artists and record companies pay for access to our platform and DSP’s (digital service providers) pay commissions for new users mediated via our links.

Our SaaS marketing platform gives us very predictable revenue streams from subscriptions, but our market is still fragmented.

Our growth opportunities include new partnerships, new artists, new record labels and an even wider reach for consumers around the world. We have a neutral position in the global music ecosystem, as we work with companies all over the world and in all parts of the value chain.

You can read more about our financial targets here.