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General Meetings

Pursuant to the Danish Companies Act, the shareholders’ right to pass resolutions is exercised at the general meeting of the company and the general meeting is the company’s superior decision-making body. The general meeting may resolve upon every issue for the company which does not specifically fall within the scope of the exclusive powers of another corporate body such as the board of directors or the executive management (for example the power to appoint the executive management, which falls within the scope of the board of directors in limited liability companies that are managed by a board of directors except if otherwise is agreed in Linkfire’s articles of association).

At the general meeting, the shareholders exercise their voting rights on key issues, such as amendments of Linkfire’s articles of association, approval of the annual report, appropriation of the company’s profit or loss (including distribution of any dividends), resolutions to discharge the members of the board of directors and the executive management from liability, the appointment and removal of members of the board of directors and auditors and remuneration for the board of directors and auditors. Other matters transacted at the meeting may include matters that, according to the articles of association or the Danish Companies Act, must be submitted to the general meeting.

Extraordinary General Meeting 2022

On 14 November 2022, an extraordinary general meeting of Linkfire A/S was held at the Company’s headquarters Artillerivej 86, 3. th., 2300 Copenhagen. At the meeting, the shareholders approved the proposals from the Board of Directors to authorise the Board of Directors to increase the share capital of the Company without pre-emption rights for the…