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Webcast for the Q3/2023 interim report. November 23, 2023, at 10.00 AM CET.


Linkfire Expands To Podcasting

Exclusive integration with Apple Podcasts offers industry-leading engagement insights that unlock new marketing capabilities for all creators and shows while respecting listeners’ privacy. 

Press releases

Notice to convene extraordinary general meeting

Linkfire A/S CVR-no.: 35 83 54 31 The board of directors of Linkfire A/S (the “Company”) hereby convenes an extraordinary general meeting to be held on Thursday, 21 December 2023, at 10.00 CET at the Company’s offices, Rentemestervej 80, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark, with the following Agenda 1. Appointment of chairman of the extraordinary general…

Linkfire’s (NASDAQ: LINKFI.ST) Q3 2023 interim report

“Reaching EBITDA break-even through earnings focus” Flash highlights Q3 2023 compared to Q3 2022: EBITDA improved by 103 per cent to DKK 0.2 million (negative DKK 6.2 million) EBITDA ratio of 1 per cent (negative 42 per cent), an improvement of 102 per cent Recognized revenue decreased by 9 per cent to DKK 13.3 million…

Linkfire A/S secures debt financing of DKK 37.3 million (approx. EUR 5 million) on an improved interest basis to strengthen cash preparedness

Linkfire A/S (“Linkfire” or the "Company") announces that it has secured debt financing of DKK 37.3 million from Kuok Meng Ru, shareholder of Linkfire and Group CEO & Founder of Caldecott Music Group (“CMG”), as an expression of his commitment to and belief in the Company’s potential. The terms of the financing agreement are similar…

Empowering entertainment discovery everywhere



Linkfire was founded by the current CEO Lars Ettrup and CCO Jeppe Faurfelt to automate and simplify marketing flows for a growing music industry, as streaming services transformed music and entertainment. 



Within 12 months from its founding, Linkfire’s marketing platform became widely used in Europe.  



Linkfire’s first office in the US is opened in New York and the company expands into the largest music market in the world.

Global deals with all three major music labels, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group and Warner Music Group,  are signed.



Linkfire’s second office in the US is opened in Los Angeles.

First ever streaming data attribution partnership with Pandora is announced, followed by streaming data partnerships with Apple Music and other popular Digital Service Providers (DSP).




Having previously focused on record labels, Linkfure’s marketing platform opens up for artists, independent labels, and other creators. 

Exclusive partnership with Apple Music to deliver streaming attribution data to the global music industry. 



Deezer and YouTube join the ranks of streaming data attribution partners.

Annual customer connections exceed 1 billion for the first time. Accumulated connections exceed both 2 and 3 billion. 


Linkfire becomes a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq First Premier Growth Market in Stockholm. 

In November, the plan to acquire the largest global competitor smartURL is announced. 




Linkfire signs a multi-year marketing and affiliate agreement with Amazon Music and continues to further strengthen its global market position within entertainment discovery.


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Lars Ettrup

CEO and Co-founder
+45 61 33 99 53

Tobias Demuth

CFO (Since 2017)
+45 27 84 44 68