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Linkfire A/S (LINKFI.ST) adjusts its 2023 financial guidance while maintaining mid-term targets

Revised Financial Guidance for 2023 (hereby published in November, replaces guidance published in April)

For the financial year 2023, Linkfire expects its revenue to be in the range of DKK 50-55 million (previously DKK 60-70 million), corresponding to a yearly growth of negative 5% to positive 5% (previously 14-33%), and its EBITDA to be in the range of negative DKK 5-10 million (previously negative DKK 5 million to positive 5 million).

Revenue guidance

As set out in connection with the initiation of 2023 financial guidance, in order to achieve the initial 2023 financial guidance, performance on the following key drivers was listed as required:

  • Continued strong RPM performance
  • Sustained traffic levels on a year-on-year basis
  • Continued inflow of new platform users, free and paid
  • Continued ability to retain and expand existing subscription contracts
  • Continued product innovation and development

The Company has performed well on most indicators, whereas traffic levels have declined in 2023 compared to 2022. In 2022, 32% of all traffic derived from partners operating as a cash-intensive activity highly reliant on upfront investments and longer returns.

No partner traffic has been operated in 2023 as a consequence of the strategic decision to discontinue the activity for the time being. Platform traffic has not grown fast enough to offset the gap which is the main reason for the lower than expected performance. However, the trend in platform traffic is growing, and we see no signs of slowing. Platform traffic is organic and comes at a higher profit.

Commission Revenue per thousand Consumer Connections (RPM) has increased substantially in 2023 and shows positive development, yet it has not been enough to offset the traffic gap.

The current state of operations is significantly more efficient from a bottom-line perspective and delivers higher returns on the revenue generated, which has been the goal for the year.

Linkfire maintains its mid-term financial target of 20-40% organic revenue growth.

EBITDA guidance

The adjustment of EBITDA guidance is a result of the lower than expected revenue performance. Throughout the year, the Company has operated on a lower cost base than expected, allowing a more efficient revenue generation from a bottom-line perspective. Management continues to diligently design and operate the organization increasingly efficiently and with the goal of reaching cash flow break-even in 2024.

Linkfire maintains its mid-term financial target of a gross margin of approximately 80%.

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