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Linkfire A/S issues warrants

Today, the Board of Directors of Linkfire A/S has decided to issue warrants to the executive management, the senior leadership team and key employees within the authorization granted by the annual general meeting on 27 April 2022. The purpose of the warrant program is to create possibilities for the company to retain and incentivize certain key employees by offering a long-term ownership engagement. In total the grants cover 2,676,000 warrants of which 936,000 warrants have been granted to the executive management and senior leadership, and the remaining 1,740,000 warrants have been granted to key employees and contracted staff.

Each warrant gives the holder a right to subscribe for one ordinary share in Linkfire A/S at a nominal value of DKK 0.01 against payment of a cash exercise price to be determined as Linkfire A/S’ volume weighted average share price in the 10 business days after the date of grant plus 10%. The warrants are issued in accordance with section 5.1 in the Linkfire A/S’ articles of association and section 169 of the Danish Companies Act.

The granted warrants will vest in 36 equal monthly installments on the last business day of each month over a three-year period from the date of grant on 20 February 2023. The vested warrants may be exercised in exercise windows starting one hour after the publication of a year-end report or an interim financial report. Warrants not exercised before the fifth anniversary of the date of grant shall lapse and become void without further notice or compensation.

The total value of the program is DKK 1.22M (calculated Black-Scholes value by today’s share price at closing). The grant value of the warrants will be evenly expensed as an employee remuneration cost during the vesting period.

Reference is made to the detailed terms applicable to the warrants issued in in Schedule 1 of Linkfire A/S’ articles of association.

For further information, please contact:
Linkfire A/S
Tobias Demuth, CFO
Telephone: +45 26 88 99 53

Linkfire A/S’ Certified Adviser
Aktieinvest FK AB
Telephone: +46 739 49 62 50

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